II.1.1.2. Agriculture

Agricultural activities were step by step ousted with the development of industries. Yet up to the 1950s most of the vegetables in the capital still came from nearby suburbs, including from the farmers of La Courneuve and Aubervilliers. Today only a marginal part of agricultural activities still survives on the territory, including few farmers in Stains. Plaine Commune promotes the development of urban agriculture. As evidenced by Magali Bardou, Agenda 21 project manager, (Personal communication, 24.04.2013) Plaine Commune regards urban agriculture – especially projects like communal gardens, as in Stains for example – as tool for development of social cohesion, networking, solidarity, rather than economic activity  (Fig.17)


Fig.17 Les Tartres: site occupies a strategic position on the axis Roissy- Charles de Gaulle / Le Bourget, the heart of the territory of Plaine Commune and Grand Paris project. This vast area of about forty acres, very weakly urbanized been a key development project to rebalance the intercommunal territory. The current plan is to partially restrain urbanization in order to keep agricultural land. Source: Plaine Commune* 2014

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