Annex 1 List of interviewed experts

Name Area of expertise Position, project Organisation
1 Frédérique Dequiedt Sustainable development, urban ecology, green urbanism, climate change General delegate to urban ecology Delegation to urban ecology in Plaine Commune
2 Damian Dussut Sustainable development, urban ecology, climate change, energy Project manager, Vulnerability to climate change and exhaustion of energy resources Delegation to urban ecology in Plaine Commune
3 Marie Larnaudie Sustainable development, urban ecology, green urbanism, air/ water/ soil/ noise/ electromagnetic pollution Project manager,  Référentiel d’aménagement durable 2013, Study of noise and electro-magnetic pollution Delegation to urban ecology in Plaine Commune
4 Magali Bardou Sustainable development, urban ecology, Agenda 21 Project manager, call for projects on Agenda 21


Delegation to urban ecology in Plaine Commune
5 Valerie Bridoux Sustainable development, urban ecology, biodiversity, Project manager, Trame verte et bleue, study of water and vegetation on the territory of Plaine Commune Delegation to urban ecology in Plaine Commune
6 Michel Bourgain Politics, territorial development, economy, sociology, ecology, urbanism Vice-president of agglomeration community Plaine Commune in charge of urban ecology ; vice-president of Association of French mayors and Administrator of FEVE (Fédération des Elus/es Verts et Ecologistes), Mayor of l’Ile-Saint-Denis Plaine Commune, Association of French mayors, FEVE
7 Olivier Riou, MD Medicine, geriatrics Medical doctor in the department of geriatrics Hôpital Casanova, Porte de Paris


Stephane Bismuth Construction, urbanism, housing, territorial development Project Manager Plaine Commune Habitat
9 Jean-Luc Salagnac Construction, climate change, socio-economic impacts of climate change Project Manager, Multidisciplinary study of the impacts of climate change across Paris region CSTB
10 Jean-Marie Alessandrini Construction, thermal insulation Engineer CSTB
11 Vincent Viguié Climate change adaptation economies, sustainable urban development, urban structure dynamics, modelling Researcher, projects VURCA, ACCLIMAT, MUSCADE CIRED
12 Alesia Leseur Local and regional government, climate change adaptation, GHG emissions Research Unit Manager – Local and Regional Government, head of VITECC club CDC Climat, VITECC club
13 Marie Gantois Sustainable development, climate change adaptation Project manager, Climate and adaptation to climate change Mairie de Paris


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